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The Lab (in Summer 2019)

Photo Aug 09, 1 14 12 PM_edited.jpg

Main workhorses are microinjectors, fluorescence stereomicroscopes, and computer workstations

Zebrafish Aquarium 

SLC Zebrafish Aquarium 2020.jpeg

Installed in January 2015 and expanded in 2018 (2nd rack) and 2019 (3rd rack). Aquarius Fish Systems - click here

Olympus Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope

Photo May 05, 12 58 25 PM.jpg
Photo May 05, 12 57 51 PM.jpg

Purchased in December 2014 with funds from the Winona State College of Science and Engineering, Winona State Biology Department, and Professors Ted Wilson, Rich Deyo, Ed Thompson, and Jacob Hines.

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