Are you interested in supporting our student-driven Multiple Sclerosis research at Winona State?  

Click here to support our research through the Winona State Foundation office.  

Write "to support Dr. Jacob Hines' student research" with your donation.   

Your impactful donations & support could be directed toward any of the following of your choosing:

  1. Student apprenticeship or internship stipends, enabling more WSU Science & Engineering students to do research during the academic year or summer.          

  2. Equipment to enable new and exciting research experiments that we can't currently perform.  Our current major need is a motorized stage for our fluorescence microscope. This would enable us to observe and record data from > 10 embryos at a time as they make myelin sheaths - generating robust data from live animals.                                                                                                        

  3. Supplies and reagents needed for experiments.  We have frequent and ongoing expenses for ordering genetic materials and drugs for our experiments, as well as consumable supplies to do experiments and keep our subjects alive and happy!  (zebrafish) 

Our research publications will acknowledge your support. We would love to meet you and show you how we do experiments!

Interested in learning more?  


email:  jhhines (at)



Please feel free to write with any & all questions inquiries!    


Jacob H. Hines, PhD

Winona State University

Biology Department

175 W. Mark St.

Winona, MN 55987